Electric Tricycle Series
Electric Tricycle Series

Technical Features

Electric Tricycle series battery is mainly used for power supply of electric tricycles, mobility scooters and other DC power supply.  The battery is a good power battery, featuring large capacity, high energy ratio, good high current discharge performance, long service life, safety and reliability, maintainability.

Technical Specifications

 ModelVoltageCapacity(5hr)  Weight Terminal Quantity  Terminal TypeDimension
V (Ah)Without Electrolyte With ElectrolyteL*W*H(HT)
6-EVF-1201212028.0 382D6362*172*295(295)
6-EVF-1101211026.0 362D6362*172*280(280)
6-EVF-90129022.5 32.52D6362*172*280(280)
6-EVF-80128020.5 312D6362*172*280(280)

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